February 6th, 2003

Pluto close up

warning, rant alert,

So... I just got done watching the tail end of "secret of the sword", and The He-Man and She-Ra christmas special *granted, it was a month and some weeks late... but what the hell* because I felt like it...

So, here's the rant: The Old Masters of the Universe cartoon as opposed to the New

I honestly love the New show, it's great, the animation is much better, and they appear to have more voice actors, even if they couldn't get the Original Skeletor... which is a pity. But honestly... the Old can never be touched, and the new does little nit picky things piss me off.

Case in point: Evil-Lyn is born Eternian in New, and an Earth Woman in old. Now... I kinda like the idea of this, but they are litterally going against the BIBLE of the MOTU series. The bible being the history that was made before the cartoon... and the bible stated that Evil-Lyn, Beastman, and Tri-Clops were all humans and space people along with Queen Marlena, they crashed near snake mountain and were mutated. See, that's better... we don't even know IF Marlena is from earth in this one *or at least the five or so episodes I've seen ain't hinted at it*

Also, Two-Bad starts out as two people who hate each other in the new series... this actually makes sense, but doesn't give the comedic antics of the original.

Worst of all: NO SHE-RA! I DEMAND SHE-RA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What good is making a new MOTU series if you refuse to touch it's sequel, which brought soooooooooo much to the original with it's history and whatnot.

Plus, they haven't touched on the fact that Keldor and Randor are brothers, in a sense, He-Man's been fighting his uncle for the past decade...

Yup, it's true
Pluto close up


I've decided that, after fern semester 2 part 3 (or is it 4, I think it's three), I'm going to do a He-Man/She-Ra story... yup... I've wanted to do that for awhile...
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