February 5th, 2003

Pluto close up

Did I post yesterday?

I can't really remember, I don't think I did, and I'm much to lazy to go and check. Fuck that! Anywho, today, during Bio 004 someone came up to the class and siad that they were having a blood drive, the last one of the semester, and since we get extra-credit for doing it in that class it would probably be in our best interest to do the drive. Normally that wouldn't be enough to convince me to up and give my blood... they offered a shirt... which actually made the offer less appealing because, dammit, I don't support school and shit! But... then they say that we get a box of SEES Chocolate if we donate blood... and so I signed up. Yup... the promise of good Sees chocolate is more than enough to make me take the needle and give blood. Blood for Candy... it seems like a fair trade.

The goon squad *that's what I call Jeremy and Co in my Phil 002 class* may have attempted to taunt me today... one of them, who I've never met... at least I don't think I met him, said my name during class and I looked over and he said "nothing, dude." Needless to say, if it was an attempt at taunting they would have to do a lot better than that... give me some damned credit here! Still... it bugs me having them in my class... such horrors should not be placed 'pon me... it just isn't fair.

Before School started I went to the comic book store, as it is Wednsday and Comics come out today, which makes me happy. However... I was unable to pick up the Rawhide Kid... which displeased me, I looked... I looked hard... but I didn't find it. And I looked in all the places that I figured it would be, which is the Marvel section, and the "other" section, which is where all the non-big names get stacked. Nothing... so I'm thinking that my store didn't get it in. I also have been uable to find wonder woman's latest issue, the last of Phil's run... I WANT THAT BOOK! MUST HAVE!!!! He was an great writer/artist for the book, except for it's lateness... that always pissed me off. I shall miss him... And of course I've been waiting god only knows how long for another issue of Spidey/Black Cat to come out... fucking Kevin Smith, I love you dearly... but DAMMIT!

Speaking of Kevin Smith... the OTHER Kevin Smith, the guy who played Ares in Hercules and Xena died last year... it made me very sad, because he was a bad ass and I didn't want him to die.

A moment of Silence for Kevin Smith before we move back to regular comics, please?

Okay... Alias has pleased me greatly. First they mention that Darkhawk, one of the many Marvel nobody's that were shoved down fans throats in the early 90's, but probably the best of the said group... was mentioned, and is apparently some druggie selling himself for... something. It made me chuckle. How Chris Powell *and I still remember that name... I'm a sad person indeed* has fallen.... the best part was the last page with the return of JESSICA DREW!!!! Don't know who she is? Well... pick up the book and find out, it made me happy...
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