January 29th, 2003

Pluto close up


I got called into work for someone today... and being the nice guy I am, I had to say yes. So, I worked from 6-11... hey, it'll get me almost 40 bucks on my paycheck, which is almost a fool pre-order on GC Zelda... which I need to pre-order becausei t's fucking GC zelda, I need not say more. Anywho, I go in, the RA's are having a meeting... a two hour meeting... times like that I'm happy I didn't want the job, and I won't get the job in the future. Meetings... blech. Plus, while they were having a meeting Navid came in and needed a lock out. Apparently no one told him the new policy about the 3rd lock out and every lock out thereafter costing him 5 dollars AND community service hours. Needless tos ay... he wouldn't take it well. He tried to get me to give him my key, didn't work... the worst part was that Dirk, one of the teachers who live on campus or in this case UV, told him "Hey, are you getting a lock-out or what!?" I mean, I don't like Navid much, but I honestly don't think that he deserved to get treated like that. So, I felt kinda bad.

BUT, I got to read for my class...