January 28th, 2003

Pluto close up

School and whatnot

Woke up, called daddy, told him to record Dynasty, and then got ready. Went to the store to buy some stuff, saw Chris, talked to him for a bit while he talked aqbout getting drunk with his fellow bastard brothers *I'm not bitter... honest* and then went to acting. Say no one I knew in that class, which is okay, and the teacher said "fuck", it was pretty funny. I mean, my RS teacher last semester said fuck, too, but still, it made me chuckle. I dunno, it seems cool, but he wants us to act like happy and shit, and I'm honestly just not into the whole "hooray" thing. Still, I should be able to pull a good grade in the class... hopefully. We're doing improv next time... I'm not very decent at improv. After acting I went to PoliSci 55... I'm going to hate this class, seriously... I'm going to fucking LOATHE this class so much, it's not even halfway amusing. 5 tests, including the final, that make up 90% of my grade. I DO NOT LIKE TESTS! I can do okay on them... but I'd honestly much rather have a class that requires little more than writing... writing and more writing. There are reasons that I did so well in english, people! and part of it was because my teacher took pity on my horrid grammar. But, shhh. So, listened to him rant for almost the entire time... it was bad. Still, he seems okay, and he wrote the text.

One class left... Bio 004 lab, with a ditzy Student Teacher... but she seemed okay. Met someone named Billy, he's my lab partner, at least for that day. That lasted almost the whole three hours... the horror, THE HORROR! I tried reading the BIO 004 book, but I couldn't. I downloaded the outlines that the teacher RECOMMENDS we bring to class. So, I'm going to read while I'm there because tomorrow I'll be at Bat by 11, and then go to eat at Peeking, be out of there by 12:30ish, and that gives me a whole hour and a half to read the pages that I'm supposed to read for that class. I already did my philopshy two homework, which was a good thing, and I read the chapter, too, although I can't remember jack shit.

School was over, finally.. and I walked home, watched Bushy boy act like a moron, as only bush can do... stupid fucking state of the union.

Then, I went and made a doormat for my room, it says Konichi wa... although I just realized I used the "ha" character for "wa" when I should have used the original "wa"... fuck I'm stupid.

Now, I sleep... sleep good
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