January 25th, 2003

Pluto close up


Last night the DSL went wonky so I couldn't post anything after work, I was bitter. But I did meet one of the new RA's, Laura... fucking woman is HYPER, HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPER! She was cool though. I also found out that someone from my horrid little hometown is an RA for one of the dorms. I was shocked. She said his name was Chris, but she wasn't too sure and I spent a lot of time thinking about who graduated with me and was named Chris. I could only think of one person and he's still in that town working at Target. She was also able to put up with the girl who is ALWAYS at the front desk... it was scary.

She was there until 9:45... she never shut up for almost two hours... I really don't like her, but I feel so bad.

And I have to work till 11 again tonight... from 6-11, if she is there the whole time... I will not be happy