January 23rd, 2003

Pluto close up

A moment, please

To pay homage to the life of Nell Carter. Not many people liked her... but dammit I LOVED Gimme a break! Sure... it gave one of the laurence boy's his start... and he later did horrible things like Blossom... but that still doesn't mean that Nell wasn't a badass, because she was. I will mis her... no one else will, but who gives a fuck about everyone else?

Now that that's over with... ONE FUCKING BOOK COST ME 90 GODDAMNED DOLLARS!!!! Now... if I were a Carrington or a Colby... 90 dollars wouldn't even monitor on my radar, but dammit... that was almost 1/3rd of my book money. Although in the end I still had 50 bucks left over... muwahaha.

I spent 80 dollars on comics today... and a majority of the comics I got were issues that I already had because I couldn't wait a month to read the last books that were coming out in December... I'm bad, I know... still 25 of it was on the JLA/JSA X-over... which alone was fucking badass! IT HAD ZATANNA!!! YAY!!!!

The guy in Glay's however video looks like Nomura sensei... very much so. Speaking of that, I have a minute long clip of the speed girls doing that song... I'd ask Vanessa if she has heard of it... but she's never on, so it's a moot point.

Andy knows my name... usually he just says "hey" but today he actually said my name. Little things... but considering I went like 4 months not talking to Chris becuase I didn't think he knew my name... yeah, I'm an idiot.

I'm still tired from walking everywhere.
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