January 22nd, 2003

Pluto close up


I'm back, yup, back I am. Woke up at 4:15 this morning to be on the road by 5:15... honestly I needed to get the hell out of there, it's a reason why I cost myself precious beauty rest. Now I've just got like 10 boxes of random crap that I need to unpack... but honestly, I HATE UNPACKING! Worst of all... Navid is hear already. Bah...

Also, I'd like to say how to my new friend hamstereclipse! *waves* Although I am currently at a loss as to why I was added... but it's kinda moot, you know, new friends are a good thing.

I looked for Ken Hirai videos on Kazaa lite, didn't get jack...
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    dead fucking tired!
Pluto close up


all the unpacking is done... but I've a problem... no room for some of the plushies that I can see. Yup... not a good thing
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    Boa- Sara, english version
Pluto close up


Stupid fucking American Idol... even though it's not on DURING Bernie Mac's timeslot... I know it had something to do with Bernie Mac NOT Being on... this does not please me.