January 18th, 2003

Pluto close up

Today's word is: Injustice!

So... I want to go back tomorrow, I really do. That way I have a full week to do... absolutely nothing. But that's not the point. I told my parents at least two weeks ago that I wanted to go back to my apartment a week before school started and they said okay. Now they're saying that I'll go back on Wednsday or Thrusday and I'm like "Fuck that!". So... I'm fighting for Monday because if I'm back home Monday around noonish I can start writing at around 3 and get massive shit done by the time school starts. Yup... plus, I can get my check without long lines of dorm people who finally get to go back to their private little hellholes, aaaaaaaaand... well, that's actually it. But, I can download Jpop!!!

See, it all would work out in my favor, which is my favorite kind of favor mind you, if I got to go home on Monday... well, not go home, but go back to my place. Oh look, Heart's on the music channel, yay! Back to Business... say it with me: Parents try to monopolize my time and stick me with uber shitty ISP instead of nice pretty little DSL, prohibit me from writing, which they don't know I do because honestly all I need *and said shitty little ISP just cut out, surprise surprise* is my drunken mother hanging over my shoulder and wondering what a certain four letter word means, which would probably be something easy like "that". INJUSTICE!!!!

That is all...