January 16th, 2003

Pluto close up

Manual Labor is bad...

Yup, BAD Manual Labor, BAD, BAD, BAD!!! Mom asked me "have you been working on the recycling?" and I have, so she said "just concentrate on the cans and we'll do the rest together". This is a good thing as recycling is divided into three parts, Cans, Bottles, and Glass. The latter is divided into Brown, White, Green, and other colors. Yup... and guess which one I have the most of? Here's a hint: It's the one that you get NO FUCKING MONEY FOR!!!! Since mom became a hardcore drunkard instead of her former, and much more profitable, closet ways she's purchased bottles of Beer, Bottles of Tequilla, Bottles of Vodka... BOTTLES BOTTLES BOTTLES! I think I get half a cent per pound of glass, or some such evil dividen. I remember once we took all the glass... it took TWO trips and came over 1000 pounds, which is half a ton, don't remember how much I got, but if it was 5 dollars I'd be shocked.

See, they think it's profitable for me to go out there and sort all that shit. All I ask is that mom buys beer cans, CANS. Noooooooo, she has to go and get that fucking glass. Curse her.
Pluto close up

Musings while bored...

Boredom is my drug... my booze, and everything inbetween. Daily do I encounter this evil, sometimes hourly. Normally I'd be able to quell it with my anti-drug: Writing. But as I have constantly stated on this subject... the home does not permit me amble, if any, time to engage in my trade. I was able to finish a story that I started back at my place, and start on my Colby's one, but I had to stop and since I got back from my vacation the pagebuilder has refused to load. Truly it infuriates me. Hopefully when I get back to my place I'll be able to put out several stories, even working in the day if I have to... I want more for the next update... too long of a break and I need more than 4 or maybe 5 to show for it.

I have to snicker at Nintendo's Animal Crossing marketing... they pack a free memory card 59 in with the game... cute, except the game can take up to 61 blocks, and at it's basic level it takes up 58.

These weren't really musings, were they?