January 15th, 2003

Pluto close up


I'm not going, and a part of me is happy about it. The MAIN reason I'm not going? They want to take a bus, a BUS. I'm not about to spend 7 hours in a bus with a bunch of strange people looking at me. With my luck I'd get stuck on the bus with a bunch of "special" people, a few homicidal maniacs, several crying babies, and some children that would stalk me because I would have a GBA and they would attempt to get their snot covered fingers all over it. Plus... they'd ask me "did you kill him yet" the minute I started fighting something... god how I hate kids.

The other reason is that without a car that means we'll have to be catered EVERYWHERE. I'm not about to put my mourning relatives out because we couldn't get someone to go with us and stay up there. It's a lot easier to fit two elderly ladies in a car than it is to fit two elderly ladies and some mammoth 6'5'' 19 year old (Hint: That's me)

It really is too bad that I can't be there for them... but they've dealt with worse, we all have. Death... in my family... is almost just a passing thing. It's horrible and I won't deny that, but it's entirely understandable given our mortality rate.

Of course, this is just the non-close members of the family, again, I'm part of that. Like I said before, some of my cousins, who I really care for, might be torn up by this.

Maybe I should write them a letter.
Pluto close up


Namco is an evil evil people. Truly... evil. They know my weakness... they know ONE way to force me to purchase Soul Calibur two... and they exploited it. So... Now I Buy, because LINK will be in the game...

Accursed Namco.