January 14th, 2003

Pluto close up

Well, I'm going back to Ventura

But unlike the last time... it's not all festive and cheerful. Nope... this time I get to go because I've got a funeral to attend. My Grandma's sisters husband died early this morning. I think that makes him my uncle by marriage... and he might be father and grandfather to some of my cousins... but we weren't really close. In fact, I've probably never held a conversation with him while he was alive. Of course... this doesn't make his death justifiable, but I'm obviously not as crushed as I should be. Still, I'll see my Aunt, a person I dearly care for, do that whole "widow" thing where she screams and cries in pain and anguish... and I will feel like shit. Still, if he IS my counsins grandfather, I'm pretty sure I've heard Joey call him Grandpa more than once, I have to be there for them. You know, that whole family thing.

On a lighter note: Tom Nook can't listen to reason... I tell him not to give me the second story on my house and he goes and does it anyway. Of course, I don't have to pay him anytime soon... but that's not the point.