January 13th, 2003

Pluto close up


So, I'm searching to look for that Ken Hirai guy, turns out he's full asian... or something like that, he was born in Osaka... whatever, he's not important anymore. I go to a site www.asianpop.net *if the link doesn't work I forgot the addy, my bad*, this site has... www.boafans.com!!!!! Yes, I went there, worshipped pictures of the most gorgeous creation ever... and then weeped. Turns out, my honey doesn't want someone who's too tall... and me being over a foot taller than her... I don't stand a chance. Now I am saddened for my love can never be... after finding out that she actually knows how to speak english, too!! It was indeed a sad day.

Here's a quote from a shirt I saw in Hot Topic

You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same.

Yup, that is very true.
Pluto close up

Nomura sensei is a generous man indeed...

He gave me a fucking B+!!!!!!! Aieeeeeeeeeeeee a B+ in Japanese... such things I never fathomed. I got a C+ in Asian Relgions... I don't quite see how that happened, since I got a B+ on the paper, which was a huge part of my grade, and I was almost certain I aced the final. Probably my less than stellar quizzes, fucking quizzes. Got a solid B in Rec 80... which is just fine with me, lord how I loathed that class. And an A in Math 10, big surprise there.

GPA for the semester: 3.16, not Dean's List Quality, but who's complaining?

Culumative GPA 2.89.

Both of these will go down considerably when I face the one two punch of a science class with a lab and the evils of PoliSci 55.

Still, a B+ in Japanese... ah, that makes me genki...