January 4th, 2003

Pluto close up


The cesspool of this town continues to astonish me. First I see Senior Class president working in town over. NOW I see ASB President when I was a freshmen working at Nob Hill, which made me chuckle. And I see god only knows how many other people... still running around this town thinking they're cool.

They thought they were better than me... but who got out, huh? WHO GOT OUT!!!!

Me: 1 Loser preppy high school bastards: 0

It's gonna be a good year
Pluto close up

A sign of pure boredom...

I'm looking at my senior yearbook, while staying the fuck away from my senior picture. But anywho... I still note that my quote was one of the better as it had actual context... most idiots take the time to write something to their friends who they will probably end up hating in a year due to spending every waking moment after high school talking about "the good old days" with. Also, the message they give the class "the best year of your life" is extremely false... I should sue, but that would take effort. Another point is that the dead guy got voted most likely to marry for money... I guess he can still do it, if there is a hell.

I'd probably add some to my quote, something along the lines of "If I believed in reincarnation one thing is clear, next time... I'm doing home schooling."

I wonder which is worse, the people who stay here and do nothing with their lives, or me taking the time to mock people who stay here and do nothing with their lives? As it stands I'm not exactly a profitable member of society, at least not at the moment... okay, not ever.