December 30th, 2002

Pluto close up

Bills Bills Bills...

no, I'm not suddenly some destiny's child fanny, but the current stressor of the hour is indeed Bills. Mom's on the phone with sprint yelling at the voice thingy, it's much to early for her to be hammer... isn't it?
Pluto close up

The year in review (writing)

Even though I haven't been writing for a year... 353 days to be exact... I'm gonna do what I want to do... soooooooooo, to save you from having to see this, because it might be pretty damned long, here's a handy dandy LJ cut.

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Pluto close up


the stupid Isp, which has been stupid for quite some time so don't think it's a recent trend... doesn't want to load yahoo pagebuilder, in fact, it doesn't want to stay connected for more than a minute. Last night it stayed connected for almost 5 hours... I was really hoping that it had gotten over it's issues.

See what people get for having hope?
Pluto close up

Home Computer 1, Me, 0

That's about the size of it. Despite my best efforts I must point out that my patience is only finite... and in between the hundreds of thousands of disconnects *the blasted connection did not stay connected for 10 seconds right now, and I'm not lying* and Opera being evil, with the addition of IE acting like a moron... I can't write while I'm at home. At least not for the site, because that requires a stable internet connection that will hook up to yahoo pagebuilder, and this one won't.

I hate this computer

I hate dial up

I want DSL here, too...