December 29th, 2002

Pluto close up


Back from Vacation, and I didn't kill any of my cousins... although the urge was probably stronger than I care to admit to myself. Nothing super-eventful happened. I went to the mall, which wasn't that great, but one of the stores, a clothing store no less, was playing the FUCKING CHRONO TRIGGER OST!!!!!! I was very happy, verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry happy. My camera sucks out batteries like no one's business, those 20 dollar fucking batteries I bought at radio shack (four of them, four damned batteries for 20 bucks) sucked much ass. I told my relatives of my suicidal thought I had many years ago, they were rather freaked out. Got one of those really big mexican style comforters *the soft fuzzy kind* for 20 bucks, a very good deal mind you. Got the comics of this week, which weren't very good. Mom's already hammered, which pisses me off. Soon I will start up on Animal crossing again, and watch some buffy. Umm, I had some other stuff to tell, but I kinda forgotted... didn't see as many family members as I wanted, because I actually like this side of the family, unlike those texas bastards who I could live without ever seeing again. I may start up my end of the year snippets tomorrow, maybe not... ooooooo, heart's on the audio channel. I wish daddy could play guitar like Nancy.