December 25th, 2002

Pluto close up


The Christmas Wish List:

Zelda GBA
Animal Crossing
Heroclix boosters
Malcolm season 1
Buffy Season one and two
Vampire Hunter D bloodlust

The Christmas GET list:

Zelda GBA (muwahhahahaha)
Animal Crossing
Malcolm Season 1
Buffy Season Two
Buffy Calendar
Mariah Carey's Charmbraclet, which will be returned for I already own it.
A FUCKING SHIRT!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG! (really, clothing is the most evil thing to get me for christmas...)
a gundum model thingy, I really hate japanese model kits, they're FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE. Plus, I don't much CARE for Gundum, but remember, the thought that counts (Thanks, Sarah, apparently mommy got you something, too)

The Bitterness:

NO HEROCLIX? I mean... come on, 7 dollars for a booster box, my parents AREN'T cheap, yet they'll go and buy me two box sets and two video games which add up to like 200 bucks... yet won't go and buy me cheap presents that I ask for. I think they're going to the mall tomorrow... so I might be able to coax some out of them.

Why Buffy season 2? I mean, wouldn't it make more sense to get Buffy season 1 and THEN get season 2? I can get season one on my own, though, and it is 15 bucks cheaper...


But then I remember that some people can't even get a single present, so you know, I'm thankful...

Daddy was trying to play the theme song to The Munsters with the songbook I got him, it was funny.