December 23rd, 2002

Pluto close up


Mommy and Uncle Charlie are all a-okay... at least until they get drunk and fight with each other again... I think it'll happen tomorrow night, but I'll stay quiet. It'll be my christmas present to them... really. The man spends hours here, cries a few times, comments on his level of idiocy, which was never in question by anyone. Tries to give me a cell phone, I have to scream at him that I don't want the damned thing, I kinda do, but you know, I want to pick my cell phone out, not have him do it for me. Started writing the new "Dynasty"/"Colby's" fic... or at least TRIED. Like an idiot I didn't save and the power went out. So I spent like 45 minutes trying to explain just how many people Alexis fucked... it wasn't much fun, and it was all for nothing.

Also, went to Target with mommy and watched her buy me Buffy Season 2. She said she didn't care anymore and just put it in the cart. She didn't even get season 1, which either means that she doesn't have it at all, or she already got it and was just playing me for a fool. Betting on the former, hoping for the latter. That way I get more presents and everyone is happy.

TWO MORE DAYS TILL PRESENTS!!!!!!!! Technically 1 more day since I open a present on X-Mas eve.