December 15th, 2002

Pluto close up


So, I get called in AGAIN to work, don't know if I told people that, but oh well. Anywho, I worked from 8-11 and Kelli was on duty so she came in while I was playing the Chrono Trigger OST because I felt like listening to it. The woman KNEW it was CT, and we started talking about how great it was and then got into a slight discussion about Kefka and his flamming ways... it was so cool. Let's sum Kelli up shall we? She's nice, funny, smart, pretty, likes Transformers, including Grimlock, AND she plays RPGS. Ah... she is truly an good person, and even if she didn't play Rpg's or like Grimlock she'd still be badass, it's true. I always seem to have good luck with RA's, I mean, Chris is like my best friend in this town *no offense to other people* and Kylli was great, so was Jill, now I've got Kelli, Ana, Rick, Sid, Hollis, Katie, and Andy *I think I got everyone* I haven't really talked to the last three, but they all seem like really nice people. To add to it all, apparently Navid locked himself out of his room like an idiot for FOUR FUCKING HOURS, so he knocks on my door, and I don't feel like dealing with him, not knowing he was locked out, he does it once and then goes away from like 20 minutes before he does it again, the third time I kinda take the hint when I hear him and David talking so I answer and he's still locked out because he locks his doors.

It made me laugh at his moronacy, it was a good moment
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Pluto close up

fucking CD burner

It refuses to burn cd's , which it has done for music related cd's for some time, but now it doesn't want to make DATA CD's which means I can't get all my ayu video's and boa stuff, and I can't make Vanessa her live performance CD's *pouts*
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