December 8th, 2002

Pluto close up

Navid cannot understand...

That there are EPISODES of a series, and MOVIES of a series... he and David were watching Green Hornet the series on my TV and Navid said at least four times that "this movie kicks ass", I just rolled my eyes, I was watching fruits basket, which was far more enjoyable. Still, I wish much pain befall Momiji... oh how I want him to suffer. And of course, I was better that the Tiger was a girl, I wanted soooooooo many episodes for that damned Tiger, I was expecting it to be some uber-badass like Kyou, but it was some meek little girl. Yo es Bitter... Still, Kyou is the man in that series. Shigure is a crackup, and I can see why people don't think it's a comedy anymore, it certainly has gotten much more dramatic, although I still think it's funny
Pluto close up


That's my one year anniversary of the first work, which kinda marks my 1 year aniversary as a writer writer (a lie, but you know, it makes me feel big and important). So... I'm thinking of holding back any updates on the site till that day, probably having a good amount of stories for the general public to read. But... I'm kinda at a loss for what to write. I mean, another Fern is a given... and I'm thinking about another TF (not transformers, the other TF) related story, plus maybe a Dynasty where I can write Miles... heh, MILES! But... I mean, I want to do a fandom I haven't touched yet, and there aren't that many that I feel I can write confidently that I haven't already touched upon. And no, Vanessa... MBoy prolly won't happen. Probably no Fruits Basket or Love Gen either... And of course... new fan-art would be good *prods random people, GIMME!* Still, I've got to get plans out on all this... of course, feedback is welcome, but how often do I get feedback?
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