November 27th, 2002

Pluto close up

Does this count as a birthday present too?

What type of Taxman are You?

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Anywho, Happy Birthday... now you're O-L-D *snicker* Went to town, saw people... it wasn't much fun... come back, a friend wants to play Mario Party 4 and I want to use the net to check my e-mail, he says okay he'll go smoke a ciggy, that was twenty minutes ago... I think he left... and I almost feel bad. The Internet is acting up, too... I think it might be against me... it really sucks because yesterday it stayed connected for like 7 hours, I was proud... now it's like the day before when it could go out every other minute... Also, Laurell K Hamilton requested that the section devoted to her Anita Blake character and series be taken down... I wonder why...
Pluto close up


this just plain pisses me off. THE FUCKING INTERNET REFUSES TO STAY CONNECTED FOR MORE THAN FIVE GODDAMNED MINUTES! I think the fact that I unplugged it when the power went out... or the fact that the power went out period has something to do with it. Needless to say, it is getting very VERY inconvienent... the stupid thing won't even load Yahoo Page Builder (And it just died again *begins twiddling thumbs waiting for the fucking thing to reload so it can connect again*), and for the record it was barely like 3 minutes... oh, and the second it connects it disconnects, I'm not lying, so that makes two times in this update that the connection (which just died again, let's change that to three) died. Now I can't even work on my story that I wanted to finish while I was here... a pity. I know they won't be open tomorrow, but I'm hoping that they'll be open on friday... because this just isn't right... now I turn off the fucker, I'm sick of dealing with it... for at least an hour or two... okay 10 minutes... but I'm showing my defiance!