November 23rd, 2002

Pluto close up


fucking thing ate my damn post. THIS IS WHY I HATE USING THE PAGE!! I want my helper program back *sniffle*. Anyways, Mommy liked her presents and we may or may not go to dinner. Being home without all my television channels sucks much ass. I still haven't started my japanese homework, which I should really do sometime soon... yeah, that would be best. Talked to Liz, it's a good thing.
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Pluto close up


So... now that an old friend *really, we've known each other since before I can remember and he's a year younger than I am* is 18... Daddy and Mommy are MORE than prepared to aid in his becoming a shameless pot head. I cannot condone this... and when I give them those fucking grandbabies I'm afraid of letting them be NEAR my parents when they're at home... I mean surely the losers who buy from mommy and daddy aren't going to stop for the time that the kiddies are there. And all I need is to have my kids go through what I've been going through for god only knows how long.

Life sucks... plenty...
Pluto close up


Yeah, it's her birthday... but honestly, I don't give a shit WHAT day of the year it is... 43 year old women should not be dancing around like that... jumping on my bed... and completely butchering Janet's songs... it just isn't right. Then... USAGI-CHAN CAME OVER!!! And I did the Happy Dance, because I love my Usagi chan so very much, it's true... much love for precious Usagi... atlhough she didn't seem all that well... but I wasn't expecting her to look that great after going through what she went through... it involves drugs, jail, threats to take away her children... you know standard drama in my life... especially when I come home. If my grandma, my dogs, my friends, and those other people who I care about weren't here... I'd probably never come home. All that comes from my trips home are pain... I see my mother act like a drunken bitch, my father is always complaining about her and then yelling at me... I constantly see those who I cared about letting their lives plummet into the endless spiral that this place creates... It's really not worth it...

And then I watch "Dynasty"

And things are slightly better...