November 20th, 2002

Pluto close up


She is MINE, MINE MINE MINE MINE! After Japanese lab I bolted to the bus stop and got on the 5, like 30 minutes later I'm at the mall and go to Software ETC where I get Prime. The happy dance ensues... although as many of you are well aware, it is not a dance but a frame of mind. After that, I've got some time to kill before the next bus comes, so I head over to Waldenbooks and buy the Marvel Encylopedia. The girl at the counters like "oh, you're getting the Encylopedia... have you read origin? I reply, "I hate wolverine... with a passion." She looks at me strange, upset because I have taste, and shuts up. After that I go to Hot Topic because the Mall here FINALLY has one... even though it sucks... immensly... I go look at the plusies and see a rather large Strawberry Shortcake plush. Now, I'm still debating what I should get my mother for X-Mas... and she LOVES Strawberry Shortcake, so I'm thinking about it. Then... it comes through my head "Six Pit Bulls will have a field day on that thing..." I stop... and almost break down in the store. I thought SIX Pit Bulls... obviously it hasn't hit me that one of my babies is dead... and it won't hit me until I step inside my house tomorrow and see a lack of cute puppy dog faces... It wasn't a good thought... and shows just how out of it I am. Back at school, waiting for the evil math test and I pick up our school paper, the orion. I see some BIG thingy on HP2... and the reviewer gives it 5 stars... and I vent. Now, I wasn't really expecting the students on campus to HAVE taste... but I always find myself giving them more credit than they obviously deserve. Just so you know, I saved the paper and am bringing it home so you can have proof of how stupid my school is. The test happens, I don't know what I got, I think I did good, but you know, there's always a chance I didn't... and I come back and play METRIOD PRIME!!! The game is good thus far, although I have died twice due to my idiocy and the fact that I suck at FPS... oh how much I suck. But, I stopped because I had other stuff to do, such as packing... groan... I should get that started, but I've got more important things... like writing another RP... muwahahahah
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