November 14th, 2002

Pluto close up

"A Work"

That's what my Rec 80 teacher said about my paper (Despite giving me a C+ on it) she really is on something... REALLY. Still, for her to say that my work is A quality, it is a good thing. Anywho, "The Beast", my new nickname for the 10 page mammoth paper that I did for that class, needs to be revived. Apparently she literally wants us to say what theory's are tied into stuff. I just looked at the theory, and what it was about. So... gotta do a LITTLE revising... her eyes kinda got big when I told her it was 10 pages... I laughed. It's her fault, really it is. Before that we went through sooooooooooo much shit about the paper because they're doing it differently or whatever. I don't care... all I know is that they spent 20 minutes bitching about the paper and I had already finished it (or thought I did), but I thought I did too much. I probably did do too much, I mean, 10 fucking pages... Before that I didn't go to Religious studies or Japanese, I wanted to sleep, and slept I did. At least until Navid blasted his fucking arabian music at like 10 in the morning... I really dislike him. I start work on Monday and today is my day off, I have decided. Okay... the day part of today is my day off. I'll do the revisions on "The Beast" tonight, but as for the rest of today... I just want to play Suikoden 3. Tomarrow I'll work on the RS paper that's due on thursday.

That is all...
Pluto close up

the drama never ceases

Whoever was supposed to creamate my doggie forgot to do so, as such he's been laying in some morgue *this part is based on speculation, I've no clue what they REALLY do*. Needless to say, he might have decayed already, it is a bad thing. My cousin had another baby girl, my poor uncle... 6 grandchildren, only 1 boy. I mean, it's not like he WANTS boys and only boys, but... you try getting 5 girls and 1 boy and feel good about it. Apparently my Aunt... who my grandmother despises as she is really little more than a slut is back in my uncle's *who does nothing but make MY life a living hell* life. Needless to say, she isn't pleased... God, I just CAN'T get away from the family drama...