November 11th, 2002

Pluto close up


I didn't update this damn thing all day yesterday. Okay... so I did like at 12ish yesterday morning, but I consider that to be a saturday post... you know how it goes. Anyway, nothing much happened to me yesterday, played a lot of Suikoden III, something I probably won't be able to do much of anymore, as I've got papers up the ass to do... okay, it's really only two papers, and they'll probably only take me like 4 hours to do both of them, but still... that's not counting the research for the Religious studies one... it is a huge pain in the ass *nods*. I could play some right now... I really could, but I've some other things to check on... don't I? Also talked to Chris last night, he apparently got his groove back... if course, he assumed he had groove to begin with... he is misinformed. Of course, he has more groove than I... but who doesn't?
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Pluto close up


He was in the room for at least 45 minutes... I was playing Suikoden 3 because Lety was here using the computer so I couldn't get started on my stuff until she left. Needless to say... Cosby is in half an hour and I won't work through Cosby so I have to do most of the work tomorrow... which suits me just fine. I may be able to get the entire paper that is due NEXT Tuesday (Even though it's due on Thrusday, I just like to be early and get those +2 points) done tomorrow... muwahaha. Which would leave me with a lot of room to do the 6-8 page Religious Studies paper, and more importantly... more time for Suikoden 3! Certainly more time to play it before Prime comes out on... whenver it comes out..