November 2nd, 2002

Pluto close up


Suikoden 3 is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuun... except those evil bunnies of death... man they use wind rune and BOOM... over half your HP is gone... fuckers. Talked to Chris today... finall got his AIM screen name... poor boy is sick, he was only on for a few minutes, but at least I got to "talk" to him... although we didn't really discuss anything important. Mario Party 4 is also much fun... except I get stuck doing those evil 2 on 2 mini-games and I HATE having a partner... I like 3 on 1 or brawl for all... those are the best ones. Still... it's quite an amusing game, it would be much better with more people though. The Mame thingy refuses to acknowledge my controller... and it is beyond pissing me off, ZSNES does ... so why can't Mame? HUH? HUH?!?!?! I've also got a headache... very much ouchies.
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    slighty discontent, but it shall soon be rectified
Pluto close up


been waiting for pizza for sooooooooooooo long... it is a very bad thing... I hate waiting, I WANT PIZZA!
Pluto close up


poor Lita... she claims that she has no friends and that all her friends are on the road. I WANNA BE LITA'S FRIEND!!!!! Yes... being her friend would indeed be a good thing.

I didn't get the pizza... my CC didn't go through their machines and when they tried to call me I was doing something else... of course they only tried ONCE... but that's beside the point. I AM SOOOOOO pissed about that... but I'll get over it, and besides, it's not THEIR fault that the CC didn't go through, right? Although it is rather odd that I can spend 270ish dollars on the card yesterday, and not get any of it today... very bad indeed.

I sitll want to be Lita's friend...