October 28th, 2002

Pluto close up


No tears... at all... as far as I know I didn't even dream about the doggy... odd. Anywho, Paula never came last night, she wanted help for the math test that is on Wednsday, but she said she was going to call before she came over and she didn't so... I cleaned the room for no reason. Okay... it was messy and needed to be cleaned anyway... but that's not the point! I'm gonna wash my comforter on Friday... really, it needs to be done. I laugh at the comment a reviewer left about the ultimates in one of his reviews "I look forward to the next issue... which should be sometime in 2003." True enough... it started almost a year ago and we're just getting number 7... and no, it isn't on a bi-monthly schedule... even then it would be good. It's more like a quarterly...
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Pluto close up


only 5 fucking comics come out this week, 5! 5!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong! MORE COMICS!
Pluto close up

Fate is a cruel Mistress indeed...

You REALLY don't want to know how many dog's I saw on Campus today... it seems like every time I turned around I saw a dog somewhere... it was incredibly depressing. Of course, it's always commonplace... when one of my dogs or my cats dies I go to school and people talk about dogs, or cats... or death... it just doesn't work out in my favor. And people somehow doubt my belief in god... yeah, thanks
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