October 26th, 2002

Pluto close up

so very bored...

and I've so many PS games to play... yet I cannot pick one... such choices are indeed evil. The ogre battle file *in which I was doing VERY well* is damaged... I beat Suikoden 2 and don't feel like reeeeeeeeeeeeee starting it because I shall have Suikoden three by this time next week *if it is permited to be so*... Xenogears doesn't seem very appealing to me, I can barely remember what that game is about. As much as I love CT and FFVI... I just can't bring myself to play them right now. Chrono Cross is far inferior to it's Trigger counterpart... FFT... oh god I don't want to get englufed in that again. Wild Arms... Vandal Hearts... I'm thinking I'll just play some SFA3 and kick some serious ass with Chun-Li, Sakura... and various other fem fatales... yes, that seems good... GOD I NEED A NEW FUCKING GAME!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEE! Soon, that feeling will pass, as I will have Suikoden 3 and Mario party 4 to partake in... and following that *dramatic pause* METRIOD PRIME! Yes... Samus shall return and capture my heart as she always has before. Of course, it's a FPS, and I hate them... so it might be a huge waste of 50 bucks... but it wouln't be the first time I've done such things *Hercules Action Game anyone?* Plus... I've that TF story to get cracking on... Yeah, maybe I'll restart Wild Arms because that intro was sooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous, and had pretty music
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