October 22nd, 2002

Pluto close up

mr bell jingles

That's the psuedo-name for one of the two (or is it three) stray cats that populate Chico's University Village. Two of these cats have collars, which indicates that they have pre-ownership... or at least they did. Anywho... Mr. Bell Jingles decides to cry in front of my door at 7:30 in the morning because... well you know cats, they do what they want WHEN they want, if they were courteous, they'd be dogs... and I got no sleep the night prior... insomnia has been a foe of mine for at least the last 5 days... it's beginning to piss me off. So, very tired me... stupid cat that WILL NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP! I finally get up to see what the hell it's problem is... and it tries to run into the room... it doesn't get past me though. I crack one of my last two eggs and put it in a bowl type thing for the cat to eat... thinking it was hungry, and MY cat's eat egg... why won't this cat? It didn't want to eat the egg... and it ran away... thinking I was victorious I attempted too get some sleep *setting my alarm for 8:30 because of Mr. Bell Jingles*, he came back... and by then the alarm had rung. Now... I'm a very nice person when it comes to animals... and I've ALWAYS loved cats (Except for JJ and Sheeba... man those cats were EVIIIIIIIIIIL, oh... and Mama-san... or whatever that cat's name was, but she gave me Peaches... now I miss my peaches *cries!*) but this cat is trying my patience... where the fuck are it's owners? Japanese was cancelled today... because the sensei was ashamed of our mid-term grades... sure, that's not what it said on the paper... but I know his ways.

Can I just pimp the song I'm listening too? GET THIS FUCKING SONG!
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Pluto close up

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