October 20th, 2002

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The day

Stayed on the computer for the most part, till around 6:15 when me and Waldo went to Lety's room because Lety and I had a cultural event to attend for our religious study's class at the Rec center on campus, by *shudder* Lassen. The memories flooded, the painful memories at that. Anywho... it was some Hindu festival, they're having some 10 day celebration, as is their custom, so we thought we'd go because they were only going to do day one here, and off we were. The first twenty minutes of the ceremony consisted of people waving the sacred flame in front of the sacred picture... I'm not lying here... they did that for TWENTY MINUTES. After that people commenced dancing for 40 minutes, in a circle... constantly, while doing certain scream type thingies. Now... I'm not going to insult their belief, but as a non-believer... my god that was pretty fucking boring. How can people just dance around and around to the SAME song for fourty minutes? We didn't stay after that... I kinda made us leave, Lety said I was rude, she was correct. After that we went to Tower records to get the Janet DVD, it was a good thing. I also got some DVD fixer stuff, since turtle wax just doesn't cut it... we went to Taco Bell and I got some Nachos with their yummy yummy cheese. While I was downtown I saw Chris (the balcony mate), he didn't see me, and even if he did it's not like he would pay me any attention. Again... you REALLY don't miss THAT hair. After Taco Bell we went to Jamba Juice and I got a berry smoothie... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. But anywho... got back, watched the DVD, reveled in Janet's greatness. She so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. The concert was 2 hours long... so the extra features timed in at just over 45 minutes, most of THAT involved showing "would you mind" at different locations and seeing how the guy's react to being bolted to a revolving platform and having Janet like... grope them... I know how I would react... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Sleep is good... far to much walking, must have lost weight...
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the things I do for my friends

"Do you want to be pissed off today? (The Harry Potter Slash Fandom Quiz.)" - Results:
You're Rhoddlet, silent Veela and perfect example of the power of the Slytherlynx rec. You once wrote Nazi!Tom, chanslash and incest but now you just write het. Pages and pages of het that nobody sees. Rhoddlet clones roam free across the fields of LJ, shot for their pelts and tendency to write about every country in the world.

No clue what any of this means, Vanessa told me to take it, and said please *after I made her*... so I took it, and I don't care about the results.
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Never let Navid use computer... never never NEVER... spent like 3 hours when all he wanted to do was "check his e-mail" LIES!