October 13th, 2002

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being sick sucks... first time since I've been here, too... stupid air conditioner being on at all hours of the night, stupid navid for leaving it on. I'm not really THAT sick... just coughing with a sore throat... but it sucks. God bless tea...
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Adam Sandler is the 10th most powerful person in entertainment... and Eminem is 11th... there is NO justice in this world...
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Studying for nihongo... always a pain... no wonder I did so horribly back in the day... I HATE TO STUDY!!!
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We had a building meeting and a whole 7 people attended... 7 people out of FOURTY. FOURTY! Of course... all good television is pre-empted by the evil that is major league baseball. My roommate, and Kelly, our RA, were far to into it... it was quite depressing. I hate sports, I hate them a lot...
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You said the fruits basket episode would make me weep like a bitch... YOU LIE! It was a little dramatic, but like I said, the heartless bastard in me finds it hard to weep like a man bitch, sorry. Oh, watching Kiki's delivery service on Disney... it is a good thing
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I've seen this commercial like 20 times... but it's still great. Which commercial? Why, the one where the grandma's talking about how she was going to beat the what's it called but that stupid silver dragon stole her golden key. The grandkid says that next time she should use the magic stones and you just see her grin, it's so great. The best part: that's going to be me, assuming I live long enough to get old... Old and crazy playing final fantasy 60 ish... muwahahahahaha