October 10th, 2002

Pluto close up

Being on hold suck

Calling the cal grant people... been on hold for like 10 minutes... it blows. Didn't go to class... because I don't want to do anything that requires EXCERISE *it truly is the devil, THE DEVIL!* Japanese was amusing... some guy talked about Fanime, which is happening in June this upcoming year? *Is this true? Because if so me and Vanessa and her friends can all go!* And some girl asked "what's anime" I wanted to go up to this girl and tell her that she was cool... because she wasn't a fangirl and took the class for some OTHER reason than to watch the cartoons... it was a good moment. So they talked about how certain cartoons are aimed at kiddies and I said "doremon!" and some stupid ltitle high schooler looked at me and said I was satan... bastard. The talking cat from the future with no ears is amusing! ARGGG 10 minutes on hold and the phone somehow disconnects... it is a bad thing!
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Pluto close up


Eric's e-mail address doesn't work anymore! WHAT THE FUCK! He just sent me a damned reply and I send him a reply and it says "cannot find" blah blah... all that crap. Also... Kirby Marrow is 30 years old... and he voices a 7th grader for Transformers:Armada... this scares me, a lot...
Pluto close up


I don't think it wants me to send all the files at once... maybe his mailbox is full... because I just sent the 3 again... and It didn't go through.Hmm... in a bit I'll try just sending them one at a time.
Pluto close up


Glay has been downloaded, Hikki as well, and Morning Musume... now I go on to Gackt! Also... I turned down 100 bucks from my grandmother, because I love her =)