October 7th, 2002

Pluto close up


lalala. There are some stupid ass people at the free speech area ranting about who knows what... it involves using tax money to blow up babies in Iraq, so don't do it. DON'T PAY TAXES PEOPLE! Yeah... it makes NO sense to me... and I could really care less, but hey, I don't think going to Iraq is right either. We still don't have the net at UV... they said it would be up at 6 o clock yesterday... they lied. The internet and UV do not get along. First... we can't get DSL because people are lazy bastard ass mother fuckers... and now this. My parents didn't put any money in my account... despite claims they would have it in BY today... I have 6 dollars in my account now... and I will have to yell at them and they will put more money in my account for my inconveince... muwahaahahahah.