September 29th, 2002

Pluto close up

Demon spawn? yes, indeed...

Eh, people will know what I'm talking about if they know, if they don't know, then that's all fine and dandy. Glay babies please me... GLAY BABIES! I saw something on ET on MTV while I was making breakfast, Brian's wife is pretty good looking... yes, she is. I killed Dragon Maleficent... it made me sad because supreme badass woman is now dead *mourns*. I'm still not done, and am currently spending much free time leveling up like a whore...
Pluto close up


I saved all 99 dalmatians... for those who are like WTF... 99 + parents = 101... so... I got to see a mini-scene with buncha doggies running around the house... KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Now I level up like a whore so more... because that's what I do.
Pluto close up

American Dreams

was actually a pretty interesting show... although that whole "Kennedy has been shot" and like the whole fucking country being all wah wah wah made me kinda laugh. Yes, I am going to hell, I know this. Forgive me, but I don't see the point in public outcry, it is rarely met with very much in the ways of being a good thing. Anywho, they showed the Jock boy getting hit by a car in recent weeks... I wish to see Jock boy get hit by car, it would make me squee with much delight, again, going to hell... going to hell. Plus, Vanessa should watch, as it will have Nick on the show one of these weeks, which is a very bad thing and must be avoided at all costs. for that alone, I should be considered Atoned for any and all sins. But, it's on at 8 on sundays... please, my 8 on sundays has, and will be, devoted to the simpsons... foolish NBC putting a show up against the simpsons... they should know better.