September 27th, 2002

Pluto close up


I made a perfect egg today... it was so great, and yummy too. Of course... the water here has ecola *spelling* stupid tainted water systems... it really really sucks. So if I die it's because I got some of that shit in me when I was taking a shower or brushing my teeth... great. I saw jemstone21 on campus yesterday and waved to him... I don't know if he saw me wave to him but he waved back, and he may have thought I blew him off. I can assure you, I did no such thing!
Pluto close up


I hate misjudging my laundry... I was thinking it would already be done but it still had 8 minutes to go... thankfully it's the dryers so it's a relatively on time thing... not waiting an extra 20 fucking minutes for it to actually finish like I do with the wahsers. I have gotten the cheer ability from helping the citizens of the 100 acre wood... it pleases me greatly. Sometimes I'll just go there to listen to the winnie the pooh themesong... I have no shame. I had some other stuff to put here... I really did. I'm thinking Me and Vanessa should make a Scott/Jean quiz together... since I know the facts, and she knows how to do it... of course, I need to ask first. Hey *poke*, you want to do it? Oh yeah... now I'm looking for the postcards in traverse town, stupid postcards.
Pluto close up


27 pages... and it still ain't done. To say this thing isn't an epic would be a great understatement... and it won't hit 30 pages... dammit, PLEASE don't hit 30 pages... god. Still... it was a lot of fun... and a huge pain in the ass, writing this thing. So much characterization... and it didn't even have that much Scott/Jean love... it was mostly just Alex until the end... Still, the Scott love is indeed shown. I'm putting the damned thing on but I have to get the fucking DSL first... which is going to take 2 weeks. So... yeah, it doesn't work. I can't even do the jean quiz thingy until I et that because of the need for piccies. Anywho... heard Justin's song today... hated it, I mean, he does sound like MJ, a little... and that angered me because no one that bad should sound like MJ. Watched What I like about you *featuring JC*, sabrina *Featuring Howie D, and if you missed this Vanessa I will laugh* and Reba *no features* during Reba I saw a commercial for seventh heaven that made me laugh... that Simon kid is a dad? What the fuck? Since I know you watch that crap, please explain this to me. I mean... his dad's a fucking priest... the little bitch should be all "Praise the lord" and whatnot... and he's out being a daddy at what.. 14/15... taking away the obligatory 2 years that Hollywood makes actors portray instead of their real age.