September 26th, 2002

Pluto close up

I am so bad...

I'v eonly submitted 10 reviews to and yet I want reviews like a bitch... grrr. But still... I don't review unfinished stories unless I feel the need too... so that's why I don't!
Pluto close up


Leave it to kingdom hearts... man I got genki when I saved the 100 acre wood... I have no shame. Still, it was great that I got to save pooh and the rest of the crew, but I still need to go back and do certain things because I want the ability that they give you if you do said things in a timelimit... grr. It's funny... donald's at like level... 40ish, and he has 40 HP... it's actually pretty sad. Goofy has 63... I think... and Sora has like 57. Leveling up is a pain... but it's also fun, the process in which they level up isn't very much fun though, I will say that much. I listened to Yuuwaka again... which makes like the 250th time... I love that song so very much. The girl across from me listens to j-pop too... muwahahahaha. She's 22 and enjoy's drinking... Alas. But hey, could always use more people to talk too, right? I have 10 dollars in my bank account... I am poor. Must wait for tuesday... Financial Aid... $$$. I've pretty much decided against blowing off a whole lot of it... no Anime for me =*(. The video games are a must... I need to get a new keyboard... I need one of those DVD scratch eraser thingys... must get mom a present for b-day in november, and get grandma something just because she's my grandma, the greatest living person on the planet. Dad get's no love... but he's dad, he's the parent I like, I don't have to give him false love so he'll leave me alone.