September 25th, 2002

Pluto close up


the Evo Story is looooooooooooooooong. It's like 10 pages less than the sonic story... but I've still got tons of shit I need to write. TONS OF SHIT! I mean... you know, it will surpass the 10k word limit... and I will put that and the rest of the first 4 parts of the SUperboy story on despite my urges to not do so. I dunno... it just makes sense to give them SOME of the writing... but not all. Right?
Pluto close up


I've become so hoplelessly addicted to japanese music videos it is no longer amusing... but they still kick uber ass. I got a wonder woman poster today... mmmmmm... diana. I still want my dinobot's poster though... but they don't have it, and it angers me. They had an Alex Ross Wonder Woman poster... but I got the Phil Jiminez one... it is better. I might get the AR Barbara Gordon *Batgirl #1* because they don't have many Bab's related posters out and about... it is rather unjust.
Pluto close up

Quick point...

Johnny Storm's middle name is Spencer... it amuses me to no end as stuff like that does. He also looks rather nice in a suit... if I could A) Stomach wearing those damned things, and B) Look good, I'd wear them every now and then. I really do love Weiringo's art. It's not up to Larocca levels, nor McGuiness... but it's good none the less. I was very sad when he left Adventures of Superman.