September 23rd, 2002

Pluto close up


Woke up at 6:30... said "fuck this" and went back to bed for 30 minutes. It didn't really matter, I was at the fucking wellfare office for an hour because I was EARLY. The video was boring, I wanted to sleep so very badly. After that I got an interview with a very cute lady, and she said that before I left I would have to get my picture *groan* and fingerprints taken, which woudl take 5-10 minutes... It took 45... I was angry. Finally got to leave, and waited for the bus in like 100 degree weather... not a good thing. Bus comes, all is well, went to eat Chinese *yum* and Now I'm here updating this like a shameless whore. Get back, and right by the EOP offices is Angelica's Sorority... in droves. I wanted to go scream at them and their ways... but I opted against it. Last night after the last entry me and Juan Blanco went to go visit Christina, and they asked me about my friends from home... I dodged the subject quickly. I enjoy keeping my friends here and there seperate... for obvious reasons. Also writting Evolution ficcie... 7 pages so far and Scott's only had 2 lines... and they were on the last page. I mean, flashback kiddie Scott has some more, but current Scott doesn't have jack yet. It's basically just Alex's story, and how he interacts with the other students (namely Duncan) and I'm throwing in a couple of yummy quirks... you should await this story, it shall be fun. Oh yeah, Fruit Basket kicks much MUCH ass, ep 6 is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny. "That cartoon about the cat and mouse, something and Jerry" Buwahahah... give props to retro american animation, it is a good thing.
Pluto close up


I'm back on... already. Seriously, I didn't want to, but there is NOTHING else to do, so I come back on and update this. Did some Job Searching... bastards require resumes for the jobs that I actually think I have a shot at... I HATE Resumes... they are such pains in the ass. Called the guy at the library and he was a total ass, I wanted to hurt him. I wanted to hurt him badly! He's like "Well, it says RIGHT there" in a smarmy ass tone, all I wanted to fucking do was check up on my damned application you man whore! CNS still doesn't have my modem... and they haven't processed my account, PLUS, they gave me free answering services for a month and I had no clue so my mom was saying that she can never get ahold of me and she gets the answering machine instead. I think it's a good thing... less talking to mom... but still I should have known. This week is going to be horrid for comics, HORRID, only 5 comics are coming out that I want 5! Okay... 4... I don't really care for action comics. Speaking of the Superman titles... Man Of Steel is going to be cancelled as of #134... a Superman title being canned... quite scary. But they are launching the worlds finest soon... so that should pick up the slack, and it has that McGuinness artwork which I LOVE! He would draw kick ass Scott and Jean... *Sigh* stupid exclusive DC contract. FUCK, I need to turn in my japanese workbook...
Pluto close up


I talked to pretty boy today! *does the genki dance* Now... before you go and get all weird on me for getting happy about talking to someone I call pretty boy, it's just because he amuses me to no end. Plus... you can't deny the fact that he's a fucking GQ coverboy, I tell him this often. It's not a bad "pretty boy" but it's not a "OOOOOOO I want you so bad" pretty boy either, it's just someone who I know is viewed as a fucking FUCKING prettyboy by just about everyone, including me. We talked, it was great. I miss our conversations, I really do. Few and far apart are the males that I hang out with who aren't complete and utter Drama bitches. I mean... Carlos... oh god, let's not get into that. And then there's YOU... yeah you know who you are. Ah... it's good to know that he still WANTS to talk to me... or at least fakes interest.