September 22nd, 2002

Pluto close up


is good... very good.Tomorrow I have to wake up at 6:30 for my fucking appointment at 9:30... yes, I'm waking up 3 hours early. But I have to catch the bus, and then catch another bus, and then walk some... so it's all just a precaution. Besides... I'll have comics to read, I can handle it, right? Writting really hasn't been an option with Waldo's visits right when I start... I mean, I don't MIND spending time with him... but he cuts down on at least a page. And tonight I won't be able to write as much as I want because I have to go to bed early... grr. AFter this, I go play Kingdom hearts!
Pluto close up


Shall we chalk this under "conformist club meeting number 1"? I go to Victors room to use the net *SICK OF WALKING TO THE FUCKING COMPUTER LAB, SICK SICK SICK!* and I see him, the Juans, Rigo, Rene, and other random people sitting there. I know for a fact that they are all pledging for the NAK's... Nu Alpha Kappa? My greek isn't up to date... not like it should be. Anywho, someone is sitting in the computer chair, and I come in and all the bastards are looking at me, I think the guy in the chair is the pledge master. So I just walk out not before saying "I think I'll leave you to your devices"... much to my charign... and partical proudness, I didn't go on some anti-frat bastard tirade... although I wanted too. Who says I'm not good at self control?
Pluto close up


I really don't like being on the computer this much. Okay... on a computer that isn't MINE this much. I don't like walking over here... I don't like the fact that like no one is at their fucking homes right now. I just don't like being without home internet. I can't talk to anyone on ICQ, Yahoo *which I have to change because of the new e-mail and all* and of course... the gate. Still, I want DSL... MOTHER FUCKERS! I grow weary of waiting. And I HATE being on here... you know it's like you have something to do and then you forget it all of a sudden.