September 21st, 2002

Pluto close up


Doing an Evo fic and just got back from watching the latest episode. Scott Went Mini-Dark Phoenix... it kicked. Well... okay, he just took his visor off and started blasting like mad because Juggy was there, but still... scott went all out and it was beyond great. I think he might turn bad this season... I dunno, it's just the vibe I'm getting. He stood up to wolvie too... and the little canadian bitch couldn't take it. That's right, know when you're told, fucking bastard! all hail scott...
Pluto close up

Fruits Baskets

Funny show... funny funny funny. I was thinking the girl in ep 3 was an usagi... but she turns out to be a pig... amusing pig too, much more amusing than Ryoga in pig form. Ah... good show... I shall watch more episodes later, after Juan's mommy comes and brings us Tamales! And then I come back and check the RPG around 8ish after some KH... need to level up more.