September 19th, 2002

Pluto close up


didn't study for japanese quiz... let's be honest... 65 fucking words is a god damned overload... ALL in hirigana... although there were some katakana that we didn't have to memorize. I got most of the first page down... and I know desk, chair, hospital, bank, and some other random words from page two. Honestly... I was far to busy playing KH to give a shit about my japanese grade, since I've got perfect scores on everything else and turned in my work book on time for both weeks... I think I can assume that I won't bescreaming my grade over TO much if I don't get a perfect on this quiz. Right?
Pluto close up


They still don't have the UV modems for DSL... I am growing weary of waiting on their slow asses. I would have chewed them out... well not really... but I would have complained about being billed 50 bucks for a month's worth of service when it's the fucking 19th and I haven't gotten SHIT. There were like 6 people behind me though... and they had been waiting long enough... so I just left. I'm going back in a little while and I WILL complain... because honestly, 50 bucks for a month's of service when it's already almost the end of the fucking month and I don't have shit... is completely unfair. I'm all for blowing off money... but this tests even MY limits. And worst of all... doing this is taking away from my KH time... fuckers.
Pluto close up


I didn't talk to the CNS people after all... and it's probably a good thing since my dad was likely just reading the fucking phone bill wrong... he's old and needs glasses... his fault, it really is. Cloud KICKED my ass the first time I fought him in KH... but I didn't have any items equipped from my battle with the last boss who I fought in Wonderland... died, reset, equipped... and beat down on some Mako boy ass! It was very much fun... After that fought Cerberus... thought he would kill me too... but I beat him and leveled up... it was good. The best part of all was seeing Maleficent... god that bitch OOZES supreme evil bitch woman. She kicked so much ass in Sleeping Beauty... I really do like her. Pretty boy broke his promise to me... am I supposed to be shocked? Well... am I? I didn't think so... Hmm... apparently Chris *the balcony mate* talked to Juan... so he isn't racist against Mexicans... he just doesn't like me. I am getting AoL instant messanger when I get my internet *should that be IF I get my internet?* because like all the people at showdown have AoL... and if I need to talk to GL it's more convienent that way. Hmm... enough with that... it is now time for a shameless survey taken from Vanessa... because I am bored! And don't get pissed if the cut doesn't work... it's been awhile since I used it!

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