September 18th, 2002

Pluto close up


Another egg... another fucked up job. Some people should not be allowed to go near eggs when they wish to fry them... I am one of these people. Anywho... David Boreanz *Angel* voices Squall and Leon in KH... I have NO fucking clue who Leon is... nor do I know who Lance voices... which is all I really want to know. I swear to god if it's cloud I will be laughing my ass off and crying at the same time.
Pluto close up


I lost to Tasky... this does not please me. Ah well... that's what happens. Now I'm busy in a four on four battle... oh, that should be fun.
Pluto close up


Is no longer cool. Plain and simple... it is the bane of every square fan... they want and let LANCE FUCKING BASS voice Supreme badass and second only to Kefka in villain greatness Sephinroth. Yes... I cringed when I read the credits in the manual... and almost cried. As for the game... it kicks so much ass, so far. I've seen a moogle, and AERITH!! AEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leon turned out to be Squall Leonhart... and his world got demolished by the heartless... because he sucks since he was in 8 and they DESERVE to die. The voice acting is decent... it really is... save for THAT. And hikki's voice... ROCKS. I am so getting her album when it comes out. Bernie Mac was funny as well. Hmm... stupid square and casting Lance as Seph... but hey... they could have cast Nick Carter... who sounds like a two year old... god I hate that man's voice. And no... that isn't just to piss YOU off... it's true, I HATE the way he sounds. It's like all that bleach that he used to make his hair look blonde finally got to what little brains he had to begin with and made them go poof...