September 17th, 2002

Pluto close up


It's sad when such a tiny thing can make my day... okay, it wasn't tiny... but it was great nonetheless. Now the day isn't quite SO bad. But still... right now on the computer (since I have to use Victors because he's the only one I know who has internet, and it isn't DSL) He's listening to "Blue" you know, that horrible, HORRIBLE song by Eiffle 65... I am in great pain. Still, nothing could take me off my high from my recent aquirement of info... great times. I can't use the computers in the computer lab because... well... there are none. Someone took 1... as in stole it... and they took the rest just to be safe. Yeah, it sucks. Fucking DSL people need to get their shit together! Software ETC ain't getting KH 'till tomorrow... so I'm going to the mall right after Japanese Class ends at 12:50 and getting my game... and not going to math at 4:30... to hell with education, a square game is to be played! Um... the house of mouse is a quality cartoon... I've watched two episodes and they make me laugh... Ah... so great to hear the news.
Pluto close up


I'm bored... but the computers are back in the lounge so I don't have to pester Victor for his internet as much, which is a good thing. Plus... it's faster than his computer... so I won't complain. Anywho... Pretty boy hasn't e-mailed me... I love broken promises. I am not going to math tomorrow... I am going to japanese, getting on a bus to the mall right after, driving to said mall, getting my game, and coming back and playing it... do not disturb...
Pluto close up

Hey Vanessa!

KMK are playing at chico sometime soon... just thought you'd like to know. And before you get any ideas... I will NOT go see them.