September 9th, 2002

Pluto close up


I went to the social secruity office thinking it was the welfare office... so I wanted to get foodstamps today... or at the very least apply for them... but my plan fell through the cracks... I wasn't pleased. Nothing else happened...
Pluto close up


Expressionless and wise, you are child genius Hoshino Ruri from the anime series Nadesico. You tend to be an observer than a participator; realistic rather than optomistic. You also see the world in a rather cynical sort of way. Its tough being a genius. Everywhere you go, you just see idiots. However, just because everyone around you happened to be a dimwit doesn't mean you can't have a little fun every now and then.

Which Anime Kid Are you?

Test Created By oronoda</font>

Ya know... aside from being a MAN... it's kinda true. The test was taken from Vanessa... Anywho... now I rant, RANT! The DC heroclix is so fucked up... they screwed with the power levels beyond comprehension. Batman Does 3 damage... Aquaman does 3 damage, SUPERMAN (SUUUUUUUUUUPERMAN, the guy who can fucking lift up the damned pyramids of ginza) does 3 damage... there is no way in hell eitehr aquaman OR batman are as srong as superman, regardless of how much you love batman... he isn't as strong as superman... a hell of a lot smarter, but not nearly as strong. And... they don't even have Wonder Woman in the set. WONDER WOMAN, THE PREMIER FEMALE COMIC BOOK CHARACTER IN EXSISTENCE! That's so fucked up... honestly, no wonder woman. They did give Commish gordon a figure, and it made me happy. Another Rant... wrestling is beyond fucked up now. I don't even WATCH smackdown and I know that they are ahving Billy/Chucky act like they are gay and have a commitment ceremony... that's fucked up. AND now they are having "Hot lesbian action" on Raw... I turned off the television and walked away. My ever precious professional wrestling has declined in quality so very much...