September 8th, 2002

Pluto close up

Stupid people below me!

They were watching some movie (I heard lots of cars, so lets just assume it was the fast and the furious) at 2:30 in the morning and the fucking thing was BLASTED. I spent an hour thinking it was all in my head but I finally decided to go look for the sound... which was coming from Victors room. So I knock and say could you please turn it down a little bit, it's been keeping me up for an hour. I wasn't mad... persay... but I wanted some fucking sleep, and I wasn't getting any! after that I got to sleep and all was well in the world. Before that I wrote some Fern... much fun. I so do love making Adam tell people off... muwahahaha.
Pluto close up


Hah... Fuseki used this computer to type one of his things because when I typed in "T" the thing brought up "the stalker speaks". Anywho... walking to the computer lounge sucks because you have to walk by the smokers and man that stuff smells... icky. Yeah, icky to the max. Still haven't talked to Chris, but I've knocked on his door a whole lot of times and he never fucking answers, ass. Juan knocked too... no answer. That's bout it... nothing else really happened.