September 7th, 2002

Pluto close up

*kicks sunshine in a very icky area*

Corona mountain is FUCKING HARD! You have to push a boat around in the lava while dodging spires and if you fucking touch a single damned one of them you die. I got to the end ONE time and there was a blue coin right above me so I was all "Okay, I'll just float over to the blue coin, I'm so bloody smart"... but I didn't realize that once you GRAB the blue coin your jet pack stops working... and a plummeting into the lava I went... go me! Yes... I kick Nintendo hard for this and worship Miyamoto-god for making such a great great, fucking impossibly hard, game.
Pluto close up

Set 1 Sunshine 0

It is beaten... although the boating part still gave me much hell and the jumping on the clouds above to get to bowser in the hottub wasn't as easy as I had hoped... it is done. I still stand by my statement that baby bowser is soooooooooooo cute... I want a baby bowser plushie... hell yeah! Beating bowser was rather easy once I got the timing down... I only died twice... and the ending was cool... although it could have been better *cough* luigi *cough*. Oh and I screamed out Miyamoto's name when his credit ran by... although I did not bow, probably should have. I actually SAW my balcony hallmate guy today... he either didn't see me, or just ignored me... money on the latter. His haircut is... how should we put this... odd. It's shaven head except for some area by his forehead and going back. Strange... and not very appealing. Lette agrees with me on that one *nods*. I laugh at you... yes you... because you take picture off and erase comment I left. Assuming I left it on the one that you KEPT up and not the one that you erased... I think I left it on the one you kept up, but my memory is always so sketchy. I got a package in the mail too... mommy sent my wizard magazine, it pleases me. So now I've got an 11 day break before I get to work on Kingdom Hearts... mmmm... square/disney. A pity I can't afford Star Fox Adventures, which comes out a skant four days after. And I probably won't have the money for Metriod prime which SHOULD... but this is nintendo, the kings of pushing back the games we WANT... come out about a month and a week later. Gods I need a job.
Pluto close up

You know...

Having a suicidal mother isn't very much fun. For Three days in a row she's talked about blowing her brains out in her drunken stupor. I think I'll yell at her tomorrow when she's "sober" of course by a regular persons standards she would be drunk off her ass when she's supposed to be sober. Spent a couple of hours playing arcade games with mike in his room. He HAS the GI Joe arcade game... and it's not very much fun, but it has Baroness and Scarlett... so who's going to complain? I won my fight with Madrox much to my shock. I mean, the fucker can make DUPLICATES of himself with the same stats as before, and he was already stronger than I was... the dice gods must have been in my favor.