September 5th, 2002

Pluto close up


I have my first quiz in japanese today... eep. Yeah, but I know the shit... seriously, I know this shit! I hope...
Pluto close up


Ugg number 1) The people in the lounge are watching BASKETBALL *pukes* Ugg number 2) fucking people who don't give me real e-mails when they sign the guestbook... they piss me off sooooooooooo much.
Pluto close up


I actually listened to Like A Prayer for the first time in like... 6 months... it felt GOOD. I'd somewhat forgotten how great Madonna is and how much her music appeals to me. Granted, I'm still not as big as I was a few years ago *I was BAD* but she's still my favorite artist of all time... must... get... new... cd... which isn't coming out for like another 5 months... if that little, probably going to get pushed back. In the meantime I think I'll listen to "Music".