September 3rd, 2002

Pluto close up


Is it so much to ask that I get a relevant e-mail in my fucking account from time to time? I'm actually thinking about seriously changing my e-mail because I'm sick of getting all that stupid ass korean or japanese or whatever the hell it is that I keep on getting, shit. Indeed... I think I'll change it right now. On a side note, I typed up a letter to the guy across from me and slid it under his door... and I have made my final effort of communication. If he doesn't want to talk well that's all fucking fine and dandy with me, I've made more than a passing effort to be civil, if he can't return the action than he really isn't worth my time, is he?
Pluto close up


God bless Victor and his having dial up in his room, I can actually do stuff without being in the evil computer lounge, albeit at very slow speeds... but hey, beggers can't be choosers, right? I had a post on the computer in the lab but I forget that the fucking computer I was on has the wrong time and I can't change it so it doesn't let me post... I wasn't pleased. I was also displeased with the fact that writers REFUSE to fucking finish their damned stories... seriously, NEVER START A FUCKING STORY UNLESS YOUR GOING TO FINISH SAID FUCKING STORY PEOPLE! It really is quite simple. Don't post SHIT unless you've got the story "done". And if people send feedback *another rarity* asking you to elaborate more on something THEN fix it... don't make people wait to see your entire fucking story because you're incompetent and can't finish anything. Yes, it's a rant... but it was a worthy rant. I mean like 75% of the fucking fics on are NOT finished, and some of them are REALLY good fics that NEED to be finished. *sigh* I forgot what I had in my other post... seriosly, I drew a blank. I did put in an application for the library because the work study comptuer thingy said that they were hiring... so hopefully I'll get a job there. I need a job because I want money... I don't NEED money, but I want more. Oh yeah... I think I saw Jeremy today... because some random people were calling my name and waved to me and it looked like the one in the passengers seat was Jeremy. I know for a fact I saw bill on the bus ride home. He has an SUV type thingy... it's rather nice. Not that I care about Cars/Trucks but it was pretty neat looking. And it wasn't even blue. Still nothing from the balcony mate... I think I should just give up on him.