September 2nd, 2002

Pluto close up


Very, VERY tired... went to bidwell with Juans Victor Ivan Lette's Liz and Angelica... did stuff, sat there and did nothing. Took MANY pictures with the digi-cam... and had two taken of myself... which shall SOON be deleted... muwahahaaha. After that went swimming in the UV pool... first time in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time I went swimming... was much fun, MUUUUUUUUUCH fun! I really do love swimming... love it love it love it. Have homework to do... so I can't play sunshine till after, but it's really just reading 16 pages out of my REC 80 book... so I'll do that after I get done checking the daily stuff. Mad because out of my 11 new messages, 9 were korean/japanese/chinese/some other language that the computer can't read, and the other two were porn... I get no mail anymore and feel unloved.