September 1st, 2002

Pluto close up

Bah I say, BAH!

So I finally get the nerve to knock on the guy across from me's door because I know he's in there plus there were strange sounds, like people were dropping shit, coming from the room o I took it upon myself to see if everything was okay. Well... he doesn't answer his door. I knocked a couple of times and he doesn't answer his fucking door! As Daria would say "see what happens when you give people a chance". Still... I can't say I blame him, anti-sociality isn't a bad thing... really... but still, if someone knocks on your fucking door, ANSWER IT! On the plus side... Link is kicking Mario's ASS on the gamefaq's poll... as I predicted long ago, Link is king, long live link.
Pluto close up


Take that Sunshine... you think you can taunt me with your difficulty in reaching the 8 red coins on a blooper, well I showed you didn't I? You should know better than to assume that I will quit due to your often time insane difficulty, crafted from the ingenious mind of Miyamoto-sensei... well, TOOOO Bad. They think that their evil parts in all mario games will keep me away, They will not, for I thrist over those same evils that have plagued me since I first ventured into the evils of world 8-2 in the original mario brothers nearly a decade and a half ago! It has been a long relationship between the portly plumber and I... some bad, some good... but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I may hate Mario the character with all my being... but his games... they will never cease to make me content with their greatness. With the exception of Zelda and FF... Mario is probably my 3rd favorite series in the history of gaming... and that's saying a lot. If only they would give Luigi his props... then the world would indeed be a better place.
Pluto close up


I just triple posted without knowing it because I don't have semagic anymore and it makes me sad... now I have to go and edit my journal. Fucking computer.