August 27th, 2002

Pluto close up


Was somewhat decent. Many Fanboys/Fangirls in nihongo... it made me laugh and think back to the days when I took japanese because I foolishly assumed that I would become fluent in it right away. Such a young fool I was four years ago... now I'm older and still the fool, but hey! Cute Fangirl though... she likes Ranma... methinks I should try to make my move... muwahaahahaha. I laugh because I remembered the stuff that we were talking about today and I got it now and couldn't get it then. Was Tanaka sensei REALLY that bad of a teacher? Before that I had asian religions... it should be good, don't know for sure. After Japanese I had Rec80 which seems like it will be a complete and utter pain in the ass, but I'll still take it anyway.
Pluto close up


They didn't have sunshine at FYE... I was sad, very sad. Still sad... and tired, very tired. At the very least, I will have comics tomorrow. The worst part is... American Idol is playing in the backround because the people watching the television are watching such horrid shows... so very sad.